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HL203 with VQR (Voice Quality Restoration)

Tutorial about VQR technology

PDF Brochure HL202 & 203



HL 202


Automatic Telephone Hybrids

Solidyne automatic phone hybrid operates
with only 3 buttons...


HL 202 Telephone Hybrid for 2, 4 & 6 lines

Photo model HL202



These hybrids synthesize our 45 years experience in developing telephone hybrids for broadcasting. This is a system where the excellence was applied to the design, facilitating the operator's work. The audio send and the reception have band pass filters and limiters / compressors to control the audio levels. HL 202 can operate with all console models. Is able to accept terrestrial phone lines (2 wires) or cellular phones (4 wires). The cabinet has detachable lateral supports to be mounted in rack or to operate on a table.
The local sound rejection surpasses 40 dB and the quality of audio signal on air is so good that it will surprise your audience.
It is not easy to realize that the sound comes from a telephone line …



Rear panel. The new LINK connector allows increasing the number of phone lines



Each line allows setting individual hybrid balance. You only need to set the balance when install the unit, using a precision 15 turns potentiometer. A recording output allows to use the hybrid without console. Each line accepts an associated telephone, for producers, that is disconnected when take a line on-air. Unlike other brands of hybrids, this unit offers 8 dB gain between conference lines to compensate the losses of the lines.


Two or three hybrids can be used linked by D9 connector
This way HL202 can improve to 4 or 6 lines

Photos of 4 lines system and 6 lines system using HL202 modules


The unit have buttons that illuminates by reflection.
Its good visibility avoids
operation errors

A red LED blinks when the line is in waiting mode (HOLD) and remains illuminated when the line is on-air.
The blue LED indicates when the line has an incoming call

HL 202 allows using standard telephone line or cellular phones, using the "free hands" connector. The hybrid recognizes the different inputs and automatically changes to operate in 2 wires (line) or 4 wires (cellular)

This feature allows the radio station to take advantage of the low cost communication fare between corporative cellular phones, that the cellular operators offer



Permanent monitoring of lines on HOLD

You can listen the telephone or cellular lines when they are on HOLD. Connect a set of active speakers (i.e. PC multimedia kit) to the CUE monitor output. For example, if you have lines 3 and 4 on the air; the journalists of lines 1 and 2 are listening to the air program. But, if an important event takes place, journalists can speak to the operator or producer, and they are immediately attended.


Main Features

* 2, 4 or 6 phone or cellular lines in conference
* 40 dB local signal reject
* 3 buttons easy operation
* +4 dBm balanced output with audio compression & gain control
* Automatic phone sending level at 0 dBu
* Band-pass filters on the send, to improve rejection of local signal
* 8 dB gain between lines to obtain comfortable levels on a conference
* Robust buttons with reflective illumination
* Balanced telephone connection using NI-Ferrite transformers
* Protection against lightning discharges using SIOV technology
* High quality on the air, without coloration of the local voice

Detachable rack mount support
All Hybrid models allows for use
on the table or rack mounted



Listen to the audio quality that you can obtain using a Solidyne Hybrid

Models HL 202 and built-in
console hybrids



Listen during 10 seconds the audio transmission using a plain telephone line from a Public Central.
After 10 seconds, the VQR system is connected at the Radio Studio
Please note that there is not noise during the voice pauses


Now, listen during 10 seconds the MB2100 audio transmission using a GSM Cellular Phone, with even reduced bandwidth.
After 10 sec, the VQR system is connected at the Radio Studio
Please note that there is not noise during the voice pauses

Do you like to know more about the new
VQR technology ?

This new technology, that only Solidyne offers, allows for a new landmark in telephone audio quality: The restoration of the original audio quality of the human voice (VQR = Voice Quality Restoration). In this way, the system can obtain a frequency response equivalent to 50-12.000 Hertz through a telephone or cellular line, even though the voice is generated by a standard telephone set !

Please click "Tutorial about VQR technology" at left menu to get a
technical paper with the VQR theory