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542 APC

5 Bands Universal Audio Processor + FM Analyzer + RDS
  FM / HD/ AM / TV/ Streaming

The technological revolution in audio processing;

With Solidyne the future is now

Five bands: 5 x AGC; 5 x Compressor; 5 x Limiter; 5 x Clipper (IM cancelled)
Increases the radio distance range and avoids interference and noise in News & Journalism programs
Total flexibility: The 542 is a Universal Processor that changes the model and number of bands by changing software
The software can be remotely upgraded without interrupting the on-air programming.

Improves the announcers voices due the settings change from Music to Voice when microphones are open
The only processor at the market that includes FM Monitor with Audio Quality Analyzer
In case of failure of the connection with studio automatically switches to another input
It's the only processor at market that improves your sound quality by correctios of the chain: Xmtr - Coaxial - Antenna
It send messages to cell phone about transmission problems or operating errors
Includes RDS / RBDS Coder to see texts in FM receivers
Includes TWO versions of remote control software: one for engineers and other for operators (Lite Commander)
Options 542/ AoIP for streaming input and RM-542 for remote control from the studio


The APC 542 can work autonomously managed from the Scrub Wheel and OLED Display
But it can also be controlled by LAN or Internet using a simple PC or Tablet WiFi, Cellphone or iPad
It is the only processor that controls and optimizes transmission using its own FM Modulation Monitor


Why invest in buying the Solidyne
542APC processor ?

Because it will avoid your radio for spending money to acquire expensive new audio processors models
that quickly become obsolete and should be replaced

For years these"new" models have the SAME equipment inside (DSP system) and only change their
software and ...some aesthetic details

Why then should keep buying your radio a new processor every time you want to improve the sound quality?
Today Solidyne offers the possibility of forget
this costly expense during 20 years

Because the 542 is a Universal Audio Processor that nobody offers at the market. Your radio will pay
ONCE for the equipment and installation.
Thereafter you can completely change your
processor model, in seconds, simply
downloading software from our website



542 APC is the Solidyne solution for giving to your radio
always the best sound of the city


Solidyne has created something new and different: the 542APC is a powerful DSP computer to process audio
It operates based on software that you can change every time you need, downloading it from our website
All updates of the same model are offered FREE

For the first time the perfect solution is on the market now
This processor can also operate in FM, AM, HD Radio, TV or streaming on the Web.
You can work with the number of bands that you require.
It also includes its own encoder RDS / RBDS

Never will stay off the air because in case of lack of signal in any of its 4 inputs
it will switch automatically to another input signal
Returning to the original signal when the problem is solved

But most important are two things that
distinguished us from all other brands

You buy the 542 processor today and can upgrade it
for free during 20 years without never leaving from the Air

That is, you pay once for the equipment and installation
Thereafter you can upgrade the 5 bands models for FREE simply downloading the software from our website

Or you can change your 542APC Model, with the purchase of more bands or more stages.
You only must pay for the software and installing it in seconds from any remote PC while the
radio is on the air without stopping its programming
It looks like magic, right?

It is the only processor in the world that includes an
FM Modulation Monitor/ Analyzer
And also it has an internal RDS-RBDS encoder

Our exclusive internal Modulation Monitor has a DSP which converts it in an
Audio Quality Analyzer which lets you control the sound quality without having to stop
the transmission due to "technical adjustments"

All is controlled remotely from a PC, Tablet, Cell phone or iPAD
Only Solidyne (with 50 years of experience in audio processors) could do this ... at a price you can afford.


The APC 542 is the only processor at the market that
controls the on air transmission
And also measures the transmitter,
coaxial cable and antenna system

The 542 includes a new idea that has revolutionized the
market: to add a digital FM receiver
to analyze the transmitted signal.

The 542 includes an internal FM Modulation Monitor
allowing the perfect adjustment
and even check the modulation level of your competition


The 542 also generates at the studio PC a list of measurements parameters of your on-air signal that you can send to your radio engineer or to the Solidyne's engineers for having an accurate diagnosis of any technical problems

But there is a lot more. It is the first time that an audio processor works synchronized with an FM Monitor and operate under the control of an internal computer. And this opens up a new world of possibilities at your reach. Now you can improve the sound quality of the transmitter assembly, coaxial cable and antenna while the radio is on the air. No need to suspend the transmission due to "technical adjustments".



You can simply make a mouse click and perform measurements, and generate a report that allows your engineer (or Solidyne's engineer) to advise you how to improve your sound quality
Now you can know if the channel separation is correct and the sound is of good quality (because it measures Harmonic Distortion THD and signal / noise ratio, etc).
You can check how the APC 542 will change the settings as the songs that are on the air (via RDS signal) or changes from "music" modes to "voice" mode when the console has microphones on the air. All automatically
You will also receive an email on your phone or PC when some of the technical or operative problems happen
You can control everything with your radio operating at 24 hours a day without interrupting the transmission to make measurements


The APC 542 is the only processor that lets you enhance the sound
quality of your FM transmitter
This is done correcting the alignment of modulus and phase of its
transmitter system, coaxial cable and antenna

Never before an audio processor could eliminate non linearity and phase errors of
the transmitter, coaxial cable and antenna.
Until we invented the APC 542

Today it is possible to increase the channels separation and reduce distortion eliminating the intermodulation
due to SWR thanks to the synchronized operation of the FM Monitor and FM stereo encoder


Control screen with the transmission parameters
On another screen shows the analysis of the Sound Quality
All measurements without interrupting transmission


The 542 increases the transmission reach and eliminates the interference
and distortion in News and voice programs into high congestion areas

All radios are concerned about interference in cities with many FM radios
And also by the scope in difficult areas with large buildings and multiple reflections that produce signal
losses and a very unpleasant sound (multipath distortion)

This is a classic problem of FM stereo
We know from the theory of transmission (see the NAB Handbook) that the transmission of FM mono
has more than 20 dB signal gain with respect to the stereo FM. But the audience wants stereo music ...

The question is: Does your radio have news, interviews, sports and journalism?
If this is the case the APC 542 is the solution

Because it is possible to schedule their news and journalistic programs transmitting mono
to increase its reach and eliminate interference.

Or with a mouse click your operator can change at any time stereo or mono
It can also be programmed your PC when operating in automatic mode.
This way Music programs are transmitted STEREO and Voice programs in MONO, automatically.
In this way all their journalistic work will have the best sound and scope of your city



Please, listen to the sound of this video with the speakers with high volume to perceive the annoying
background interference from a real radio station that was recorded when it was
transmitting in a city with many FM high power stations.

You will notice the amazing way in which the interference is eliminated during the news and
the journalistic programs when the 542 happens to emit in MONO

Mmeasurements show that when transmitting voices in MONO
a radio quadrupled its effective power.
A 500 W radio will transmit FM as if it had 2 KW


Remote control software Lite Commander
It can be used from one or several PCs


You can download this software for free from our website, which allows the operator to change in an instant
to MONO mode to multiply by four the equivalent radiated power. This increases the covered area
and eliminates the Interference in all journalistic or speech-based programs


The Lite Commander software allows the operator to switch between 32 processing settings to choose
the optimum for each type of program. It also allows to schedule it by 7 days a week

In this way it is possible according to the daily programming to use the MONO modes to
increase the transmission reach or STEREO mode for music. The different factory presets and the own
radio presets are also selected for each hour of the day in 15-minute intervals.




The model 542 / AoIP has LAN streaming input using Internet. This is the great solution
for having a digital link to transmission plant ... without to buy a costly digital link.



542 APC Control

The 542 can be controlled locally from its OLED screen using the control wheel. It is not mandatory to connect with studies because it operates stand alone. .

But if you prefer the radio control it remotely from a PC or Tablet with WiFi from the studios (or anywhere in the world) you may also do so because it has a LAN Ethernet output to be operated remotely
It is also sent over the LAN the RDS data to irradiate the name of the songs and texts.
Click here to know more about RDS

Even if Internet is not available would be enough a simple 3G / 4G radio link to connect to studies.



Using the AoIP option it will also have the possibility of input an audio streaming from the Internet or from an economic link at 5.8 GHz
Solidyne audio consoles also uses this channel to alert the processor that microphones are open to change 542 to "voice mode"
processing in order to sound better on air.

The AoIP option is bidirectional. This means that the output AoIP allows one or more processors to be available to be used from different studies switched remotely as needed
Using 542/AoIP you have 100% digital audio of CD quality
at the FM transmitter


Optional remote control RM 542: an elegant solution for your studies

We all know that if you want an FM radio with a great sound and scope , the processor must be at a few meters from the transmitter ...
This means that usually it will be away from studies

But we would all like to see the processor in the study

Of course you can use the PC of your radio or Tablet to remotely control it... but
For the very demanding people we create the RM-542 accessory that lets you see the APC 542 from the studios and control all settings of your radio, even the transmitter and antenna ... from your desktop


Using the side supports it can also be rack mounted

You can make adjustments and get a unique sound in the air and save different presets.

Also check whether your modulation is correct and compare it with that of its competitors.
And make measurements of sound quality air (including the transmitter and the antenna)
Without interrupting the program

A comfortable 7-inch color display touch-screen and a control wheel facilitate handling





View of the rear panel of the APC 542 with 4 inputs and 5 outputs remotely switchable


NOTE: Since the 542 is a software-based product easily upgradeable, some of the facilities described in this page or video
may not be present in the first manufactured units. But all may be added later free by downloading
from our WEB a new version of software