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AR 200 in LAN network. Listen the record quality

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AR-204 Screenshots
(4 channels system)

The main screen of AR-204 with 4 channels recording.
This window can work minimized. This way the PC can be used for normal activities of office. Also is possible to operate in confidential mode, in which the existence of recorder AR200 never is showed on screen (hidden mode)
This visual block is repeated for 16, 24 & 32 channel systems.
You see how one stereo channel can be handled like 2 mono-channels. A schedule editor allows recordings to predetermined schedules, for example a satellite link or certain radio show; or to activate the recording with hidden microphones.

When Ar-200 recorder is used in broadcasting, it can record in mono or stereo, using PCM linear WAV format, that allows to have Studio quality, ready to publish a CD. Also compressed formats MP3 of high quality can be used (128 Kbits).

To record telephone calls (or radio links), high compression MP3 formats are preferred, like 8 and 16 kbits/sec, since they brings a good voice quality and save disk space.

Each stereo module is customized with independence from others. This allow, for example, to record 24 hours with high compression (for Internet audio streaming) while another channel is recorded with high quality, at scheduled time, for On Air quality radio programs.











When you need to listen the recordings or copy them to a CD or send it by e-mail, the FILE MANAGER window will be opened. The recordings appear in separated folders, according to the telephone lines. The files appears in chronological order, indicating the year, month and day of recording and finally the hour, minute and second of beginning of each calling. Working in network, you can assign permissions to certain folders so that only authorized users can listen to the files. As an option, you can Encrypt the audio files.

It is possible to measure with exactitude the length of each communication. A seeking bar allows listening a recording at any point, with a simple click.

Satellital Exact Time
You are able to use the Windows XP standard Internet time synchronizing feature in order to always have the exact time. This Standard is GPS satellite traced with the Atomic Clock of Washington Observatory.


Advanced searching

Identification of out coming calls (DTMF)
and incoming calls (caller ID).


Pressing the Search button in the File Manager module, the search window appears. It allows to make a fast analysis of the calls, selecting them by incoming or out coming, choosing its duration, searching determined telephone numbers or certain area codes (for example "001" to know all the calls to USA), etc.

And you can search by date interval, considering each phone line individually or all communications.

For more details about this screens and its operation, we recommended you to watch the tutorial Video, available at the left Menu.