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Flat design technology

The series 2300 consoles are the overall solution for an AM or FM Radio station, since they incorporate all the facilities for broadcasting. Including 3 telephone Hybrids (2 for lines and one for cellphone) , CUE Amplifier with loudspeaker, two 15 W Stereo Monitors for Control and Studio speakers with solid state muting. Guest headphones output with Distribution amp up to 8 headphones. Independent control room headphones. The faders uses ETM-VCA technology or Digital control, with our exclusive Conductive Ceramic faders of guaranteed 2 million cycle life. All models have 48V phantom power for microphones. It is totally modular, including power supply and allows replacing modules Hot Swap (without need of turning off the console).

There are four lines of consoles: 2300XS, 2300XL, 2300XX and 2300XZ. Each model is created for a different need, from a small Radio station up to a big Radio Network.

This feature allows using different console models in several studios, having a 100% interchangeability of modules between studios, which simplifies maintenance. Every console is designed in a wholly ergonomic way, not requiring the operation desk to be cut for getting the console being flush mounted. In fact, the usage of advanced electronic components allows the height of the console to be of only 2 cm, offering a comfortable position for the operator's hands. The 2300 line of consoles can handle from 15 stereo inputs up to 55 stereo inputs. The 2300 line has 5 audio bus; 3 stereo (PGM, AUD & SEND), CUE mono and Mix-Minus. Standard microphone inputs with Equalizer or microphone processor in option, Talkback MIC with AutoSwitch, master MIC switch to send to air all the microphones at the same time. 12V output for tally light, Incorporated CUE Speaker, solid state full logic control. Mini-telephone switchboard, 3 Hybrids for conference with unified audio and logic control. Rear connector for Studio BOX
2300 consoles are ready for digital HD radio because they have optional AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs. It is a factory option or can be added in the future for the user

No other console at the market offers all these facilities!

Compact model 2300XS, 670 mm wide ( photo: modelo 2300XS, 4 MIC, 6 LIN, 3 Hybrids & Timer)
Medium size 2300XL, 840 mm wide. (pictured, 2300XL with 4 MIC, 6 analog lines, 2 digital USB lines ,3 Hybrids, Phase Vector & Timer
Large line 2300XX, 1250 mm wide, with space for 26 channels.
(Photo: model 2300XX with 40 cm script desk, 6 MIC, 4 analog Line, 6 digital Line, 3 Hybrids & Phase Vector)
Line 2300XZ up to 26 channels (16 channels with 40 cm desk), 1250 mm wide Pictured 16 channels + 2 Hybrids model. It can be mounted on the table, without cutting it, since it is only 2 cm high.

The XZ console is autonomous, but it allows incorporating the video plasma monitors from the Audio Computer PC (using a dual video card). The screens are LCD plasma 15" View Sonic type or similar brand.
The series X consoles can have the VC-180 option for measuring the Phase Vector (which indicates the stereo sensation). This fundamental parameter (for many people more important than the VUmeter) is an option that very few manufacturers can offer. It has also a LEDs bars VU, of real peak, to know always the peak value of the audio signal. In some console models the VC180 can be requested as a replacement for needle VUmeters.
Another option, in series "X" models, is the Timer/Clock, performing as a clock, crystal controlled. At the moment of connecting the microphones on the air this clock becomes a Timer, counting the time in minutes and seconds, meanwhile the journalists or the DJ are on the air. This allows a strict control of words, to avoid tiring the audience (and that they migrate to other radio station...).

2300 console has digital IN/Outs using standard USB connection

Using 2302 USB module allows for direct conection to the Automation software without the need to use audio cards.

Advanced audio quality due to a full digital chain, from the CD recorded at the PC to the console digital USB output of the 2302 module. It allows for digital recordings or a TCP/IP link between studios or transmitter premises.

The 2302 module besides has conventional analog line inputs, selectable with the A/B input switch

Using Solidyne consoles with USB In/Out, you can eliminate old PCs of big cabinet of your Radio Studio, and replace it with the new Mini-PC technology (Net Top)

The readout of the display indicates that the eight digital channels are active and connected to the PC. There is not need to use a special driver, because Windows immediately recognizes the 2302 module.

Four mini VUmeters indicates the reproducing level of the digital channels

2312 Microphone Processors

Solidyne is the only one console in the market offering the possibility to have microphones with individual audio processors. It does not matter with whom we are compared to: nobody else offers this option.
The voices of your radio are the personal mark you offer to your audience. Today the success of a radio implies being different from all the other radios.
Find out the reason why the Solidyne 2312 processors surpass any other external processor you could buy….. at half of its price!

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Everlasting faders!

All 2300 console models, since March 2007, have conductive ceramic faders of 2 millions cycle life (15 - 20 years of use). The use of connectors allows for easy replacement.
2300 consoles allows for the future connection of ESF faders of electrostatic action, without mechanical contacts, for harsh environments. Just and only Solidyne offers you this technology.
See details in our section Faders
Model FAD2M, Conductive Ceramic, 2 million operation fader, standard
at Solidyne consoles, from March 2007. It uses the advantage of Solidyne's ETM-VCA tech

Since 2005 all the consoles have frontal panels covered by a protective plastic film, made of Polycarbonate, with engraved legends at the back. This exclusive technology protects your console from abrasion caused by hands and wearing out caused by usage.

Your console will look always new during all its life!

Absolutely wearing-out resistant Polycarbonate Membrane.

All parts of the 2300 consoles are modular and can be changed without switching off the console. The power source and the telephonic lines inputs have over voltage protections, to avoid damage during electric storms..
Console 2300 rear view - D25 gold plated connectors
for long life operation, free of hum & noise
All the 2300 consoles use components of high professional quality. The buttons are MEC manufactured in Denmark and for 10 millions operations.The ICs used into the master module, have sockets to make it easy to change them.

Install in one hour a 2300 console
Without changing your forniture, Without electricians, Without wiring or soldering

The 2300 consoles have been designed for avoid cutting the operation table. Just place the console over the table, and it will be flush mounted
It keeps always a comfortable operation with an ideal hand position to avoid tiredness
Compare our low silhouette with other consoles We have the best ergonomics of the market

Option MNG2300: complete wiring and connectors set, 100% factory tested with automatic analyzer.
Do not waste your time looking for hum due bad ground loops or connection errors

Please see details in Accessories (at left Menu)

Metal shielded box connected by 5 meters of quad shielded balanced mic cable

STUDIO BOX: It is connected with a 5 meters cable to the D9 connector of console 2300. It handles 5 headsets, level of loudspeakers, Timer & Clock, Tally Light and Talkback. Please see details in Accessories (at left Menu)