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Console 2300


Digital & Analog consoles 2300xz

This model has space for two flat screen 15" plasma video monitors (not included). A dual video card can be used from a single PC to operate both video monitors. The 3 stereo bus output level control is done using true peak bar graph display with Stereo Phase Vector (model VC180). The console has dual power supply for 100% redundance and a clock/Timer to watch the On-Air time of each speaker or Journalyst.



Use the new Audio over IP technology

You can connect all your radio studios using your
standard 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN
No more old audio matrix systems and long shielded cables !


The 2300XZ console can be ordered with integrated Ethernet connection to the LAN of the radio station.
Thus the network will transport computer data and also Audio over IP

The bidirectional audio network will use PCM (uncompressed) audio streaming
So yo can link all studies, remote Sports transmissions and also the transmission plant
PCM digital audio do not have loss of quality. No hum or noise. It is the perfect solution !

The radio studios that do not use XZ consoles, can be connect through the Coder-Decoder ADA102

You can click here to have information about ADA102

From the console 2300XZ matrix routing is performed to assign the audio to different
or several of them
at the same time

This way you will have full duplex (input & output) audio routing with digital uncompressed PCM quality 

For example, using PCM with Fs = 32 kHz you will have 16,000 Hz response (great for FM)
Each stereo channel requires about 1 Mbps and two channels (Tx and Rx) twice
Therefore a standard 100 Mbps LAN can handle, in addition to computer data,
all the audio of your radio.With full digital quality !


Details of the 2300XZ console

Models of /6P code has six Microphone Audio Processors model 2312 Click here to have more info about 2312 modules
The console has digital I/O AES-3 & S/Pdif All modules and front panels are protected by a Polycarbonate membrane engraved at the reverse side. The console remains unaltered for ever.

The flat Design technology used only by Solidyne, allows to mount the console without cutting the table.
The low profile structure allows to ubicate speakers and journalysts around the console, with a perfect vision from the console operator

Plasma video monitors are easily mounted because the console has user regulable supports
Direct accsess to the input and output connectors that can be changed while the console is On Air.


Solidyne 2300XZ; the best digital console... at an affordable price.


New model year 2012  It has 19" wide video monitors.  It can manage up to 3 studios

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