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Console 2300


More about 2300 consoles

All 2300 consoles allow using modules model 2320 with analog and balanced digital inputs AES-3 or S/PDIF. It is possible to enter with Fs= 32 /44.1/48 kHz with automatic selection and Fs (sampling) indication in the display.

The LCD display also allows individualizing the input (DAT, PC, Studio, etc) as well as the output bus, fading in steps of 0.5 dB, etc.


The Conductive Ceramic fader, with 2 million cycle life, command DC signal and an internal computer controls a digital atenuator which allows reaching a distortion level below 0.001 %, that is to say absolutely inaudible.

2300 has optional one or two AES-3 digital outputs, 48 KHz sampling

No other console in the market offers this high level of digital technology.

2312 Microphone processors


The 2312 microphones module, 160mm wide, is optional. It has 3 MIC with Microphone Processors
Each microphone input has:

1 - 4 Bands Equalizer, special for human voice. Illuminated switch for Insert IN/Out
2 - Expansor - Gate for silencing the ambience noise of the Studios,this allows for digital audio quality
3 - Audio Compressor of 20 dB of action with 10:1 slope. It keeps a constant level for microphones, even when many journalists are around a table. Switch for Insert In/Out

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Master with full monitoring facilities
and telephone line attender desk

The 2307 master is standard in all 2300 consoles from July 2007

Master - Monitor Section


Monitor send toStudio loudspeakers with internal console amplifier, 15 W stereo or otput for active loudspeakers. Separated sending for Studio Headphones, with Distribution Amplifier up to 8 headphones.
Full solid state muting.

Monitor send to Control loudspeakers with internal console amplifier, 15 W stereo or otput for active loudspeakers. Separated sending for Control Headphones.
Full solid state muting

When signal is at CUE bus, it can be hear from internal speaker and at headphones, with PGM attenuation.
Cue to Spk button for hearing CUE signal at loudspeakers.

The telephone RING has variable level at the CUE speaker.

Master - Telephone 3-line attender desk

The telephone communications are full handled from the console. All consoles 2300 can manage two telephone lines and one cellular phone, all in conference.
The use of corporative cellular phones reduces the operation cost of the radio station.
  Consoles 2300 have a 3 line attention desk to receive calls, transfer it to telephone sets, hold the communication or send to air. All full automatic. The calls sounds at the console and can be attended “free hands” by the operator.
No other console of the market brings your Radio such kind of integration between audio and communications


Hybrid system can be used On-Air or at Recording (PGM & AUD)

2 phone lines plus one cellular. All in conference.

A call entrance glows a brilliant blue Led light

The operator is able to attend a full duplex (free hands) conversation

The MIC Master button activates at the same time. all the programed MICs of one studio

A single control manages all the Hybrid logic and audio

This is the only Hybrid at market controlled by VCA technology
and using conductive ceramic fader that lasts a full life




The hybrid has an exclusive system of balance adjustment to optimize the telephone line. It can be adjusted without interfering with the normal programming of the radio, still being at the air with other programs.

An unified command controls audio and the logic of commutation
From 2009 models it uses VCA control and a conductive ceramic
fader of 2 million operations cycle life.

Raising the atenuador, the communication is sent to the air




In HOLD position we retain the communication while the caller listens the radio program

With the fader close, the CUE mode allows for free hands conversation with the caller.