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    Accesories & Factory tested cables

Block Diagram Console Studio wiring



Console 2300


Solidyne - Digital Power


wiring cables & connectors
for audio consoles

An accessory of great utility to reduce costs is
the Wiring Cables and connectors set.

For each console a system of external wired exists that is offered optionally.

Usually the cables have 2 meters length that cover all the connections of the input modules, output masters and telephony.

They have an ample variety of cables and wires that include the professionals XLR and balanced Plugs, as well as popular RCA connectors for CD reproducers and decks. The cable offer a total security because is 100 % tested in factory by means of automatic testing equipment, what avoids surprises (and mains hum...) at the time of starting up the Study.

Consider the option to acquire the wiring
with the console: it is an excellent investment
that is paid by itself


Details cable MNG2300

NOTE: The length of all cables is 2 meters


Each 2301 module has cable with 4 inputs; two by each channel. Two are balanced line with 6,25mm Plug Stereo (L & R separately) and two are unbalanced with 4 connectors type RCA.

Each module of MIC (2310 or 2312) has cable with 4 inputs, two by each channel. The two MIC inputs are balanced type Cannon XLR-3 female, and two are unbalanced with 4 RCA connectors

Each Digital module (2320) has 4 inputs, 2 by each channel. Digital inputs AES-3, by Cannon XLR-3 female, floating balanced in stereo. The two balanced analogical inputs are by 6,25mm Plug stereo (L & R separately)

Each digital USB module 2302 has a USB cable to connect to PC



The 2307 master module has the following outs

** PGM Balanced out to two Cannon XLR-3 male
** AUD Balanced out to two 6,25mm stereo plug
** SEND Unbalanced out to two 6,25mm mono plug
** PGM mono out to 6,25mm mono plug
** In/Out for external hybrid to stereo plug
** Hybrid return for loudspeaker in Study to RCA
** Stereo unbalanced In for Air Monitor (VA16) Cannon XLR-3 Female


If the optional Digital Output is used in the master, the cable will take two wires, one for PGM and the other one for AUD, male Cannon XLR-3, balanced floating output.


In case of excessive SWR existed in the FM antenna or defective dipoles, an important part of the power of the transmitter is radiated downwards, reaching to the studies. This produces standing waves in the wiring of the console that can introduce low level buzzing. If this happens, we recommended asking Solidyne for the provision of Ferrite Rings of 60 mm diameter to place in all the cables that goes to the console, to eliminate the standing waves.


Studio BOX

Studio BOX is designed for 2300 consoles with 2307 master. It is connected to the D9 console out. It offers all the necessary facilities at a modern radio Studio.

1-Outs for 5 headsets with individual level control
2-12 hours Clock that becomes a Timer when MIC is On-Air
3-Audio level of studio active loudspeakers
4-Tally Light
5-Talkback with Control room


Studio BOX has 5 meters cable (16') to conect
to D9 output of 2300 console
Without the need of wiring or soldering work





Metal shielded box connected by 5 meters of quad shielded balanced mic cable



Tally Light

Tally Light can be used with all the Solidyne consoles

It need only 12 V / 60 ma and works with high visibility red LEDs. The use of LEDs gives unlimited trouble free operation, avoiding the frequent bulb changes of the incandescent lights.
For English speaking countries it can be read: "AIR "

Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 40 mm (70mm character size)