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Audio Demo Codec-Mixer MX2400


We recommend you to use good quality PC speakers, with separate woofer, or use headphones.

Also, you can download the MP3 file to listen elsewhere. To do this, click the right mouse button over the link under the text, and choose the option "Save..."
Remember that the demos Band C are true MX2400 streaming. The same you will receive at the radio studios. Therefore, if you play it with the Winamp software or similar one, the result is EXACTLY the same of a transmission from the Codec MX2400


Standard Cellular & VQR
Demo A

Listen to a broadcast journalist using a MX2400 hung from his shoulder. It is connected to a cellular phone, using a cable conection. The use of audio processing inside MX2400, allows a very good audio quality restoration, when use at studios the VQR technology. It should be noted that VQR gets an absolute silence during speech pauses, due to the increased dynamic range of the restored audio.
During the first 10 seconds listen to a Motorola GSM cellular phone transmission, connected by standard analog cable. After 10 sec, the speech is repeated but with the VQR system connencted at the radio studio.

Click with rigth mouse button to download and save the MP3 file

Cellular & Digital
Demo B

Listen again to a broadcast journalist using a MX2400. But now it is connected to a Sony-Ericsson cellular phone linked by a digital microwave Bluetooth,as reference of quality. Please note the improved cellular audio quality over Demo-A due to the digital link connection that MX2400 allows.
After 10 seconds, the speech is repeated using a low bit rate mono streaming (24 Kbits/sec)
The MX2400 has been programmed with MPEG2/Mono/16KHz/Quality = 0

Click with rigth mouse button to download and save the MP3 file

Demo C

Now we are in Stereo. Discover all the possibilities of MX2400!
Sound at sports in Stadiums is alive and absolutely real. Outdoor musical transmission is now perfect; MX2400 gives the possibility of using five condenser MICs with stereo audio quality
Audio streaming uses a moderate bandwidth, barely 96 Kbits/sec
The MX2400 has been programmed this way: MPEG1 (MP3) / Stereo/32 KHz / Quality = 4

Click with rigth mouse button to download and save the MP3 file