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2600XZ Smart Digital AoIP console

Console 2600XZ with 3 video monitors
Up to 28 input channels, 6 to 24 MIC inputs with microphones processor (4-band EQ, audio compressor, noise gate)
USB digital inputs and outputs. AES and AoIP outputs. Option for TCP/IP link with
FM transmitter at transmitter plant included inside the console.
Management of synchronized audio and video cameras for Multimedia Radio

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The perfect high end Radio and TV console with all the features
of the best European and American consoles

... Plus a lot of advanced features that only Solidyne offers you
But at a moderate low price that you can afford !


Unlike other consoles on the market that use all screens dedicated to consola settings, the 2600XZ only use ONE
screen for the console and leaves free two screens for running the radio & TV software

The 2600XZ has its own panel of digital level meters and measure of Stereo Phase Vector.
Therefore the screens are available to run operating programs
This panel has total independence from PC. It has 6 precision level meters with RMS and PEAK,
dual measure, in 32-step, 2 Stereo Phase Vectors and Timer / Clock

All the controls of the microphone processor parameters and monitor levels are knobs with
reliable potentiometers of conductive ceramic of 2 million operations

This is what operators need for having a truly access at the instant !


Sit in front of a 2600; it is an unforgettable experience




The 2600XZ provides one
comfortable control surface,
able to be mounted in any
control desk without cutting it


All pushbuttons are LED illuminated
and the console can be
rescheduled from the front
by the operator himself
according to his needs



The use of high tech electronic
( including attenuators of conductive ceramic)
gives a elegant cabinet of very low silhouette

The video turret has the lower height
of the market allowing to the 2600XZ
to have an elegant presence,
even seen from backside

Its low silhouette allows to place
the console at Journalism studios
because always keeps a
perfect visibility of faces