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VA 16X


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FM Broadcast Monitor
Digital FM Analyzer of
Audio Quality & RF parameters

The new standard in broadcasting monitoring





VA - 16

New Model VA-16X

Now with new features:

  Level measurement of RDS subcarrier at 57 kHz
  Measurement of frequency error of RDS subcarrier
  Balanced outputs using stereo audio decoder for ultra-low 0,01 % distortion
  High quality audio 20-15.000 Hz for reference monitors
  MPX Output for external analyzers or relay broadcast
  MPX input for testing and monitoring of audio processors
  Measurement of the average modulation level of audio processors testing
  Measure a one hour integration of the total radiated power for audio processors
  Graphic curve of daily total radiated power
simulated from the MPX out of processor
  Modulation level at instantaneous peak or 4 time constants set by the user
  More digital processing power; Spectrum graphics 10 times faster
  Option for adding a module for full testing of RDS parameters
  Headphone output with level control

VA-16X is another Solidyne important contribution to broadcasting quality. A revolutionary digital measurement system. Never before have been possible to such complete information about the behavior of an FM radio station. And what's more important: you obtains data from its Radio continuously, without stopping the transmission to make "technical adjustments". And your audience never become aware that you are taking measurements and engineering controls.

The audio quality, power and reach of the radio are monitored 24 hours a day.
From your office in the Radio studios, or at the PC of your own home.
It also checks the efficiency of your operators and engineers.

Complete control of your equipment
and people performance

system installs in a minute, without opening the PC, it connects via USB or RS232 port. Operates simultaneously with normal office software (under Windows 2000/XP/Win7) Using DSP processing and advanced technologies, the VA-16X provides detailed information about the modulation, noise, channel separation, field strength, and so on. Even parameters that you could never get (but the ears of your listeners hear) are now measured with the VA-16X. For example, the Stereo Phase Vector, frequency response, noise, audio distortion, or the efficiency of your processing chain (RF Power). All available on the PC screen.

Data can be stored for months only to be printed in color. It is also possible monitoring remote radio stations with VA16X, from any place of the world.

VA16X will control your radio and your
competitors radio stations too...


A VA16X printed information will help you to keep the correct technical setting of your radio and the best sound quality


Full control of your radio station around the clock

Only VA-16X allows you the control of audio quality

VA-16X is the only system in the world that lets you remotely control the 18 quality parameters of transmission which your income depends
It controls not only the
RF parameters but also the audio quality, such as distortion, noise level, channel separation, stereo phase correlation frequency response.

No other equipment
at the international market allows you to measure the sound quality on the air

Analyzer Zoom, for example, lets you know if your audio processing system and all transmitter / antenna is properly adjusted. From the legal point of view is important to know if the bandwidth you holds is correct and is complying with regulations and rules enforced in your country, like the attenuation of adjacent channel spectrum. Check in passing that its competitors also comply with ...

You will not find
on any other system on the market, being much more expensive, the 3D Spectrum graphics that allows you to see other transmissions that are hidden under the strong carrier of your radio, and reduces your reach and the sound quality.




For the first time you can evaluate a glance, all the FM stations in the band and their field strengths. You can control the performance of its transmitter and antenna. And whether any FM radio has made improvements in RF or Audio equipments . If you work remotely with the VA-16X/IP connected to the Internet, you can find how your radio is coming in to selected cities (and how it compares to others).
You can even listen on your PC the audio quality of the radio.
Even if you are thousands of miles away !

Frequency Response is a very important fact that determines the sound quality. But today you do not have that information. The VA-16X allows you to make daily measurements of frequency response of your console, processor and transmitter. Automatically, without human intervention. Without stopping the transmission and without even noticing your audience !
It is
part of the Solidyne magic ..

Modulation Meter in percentages, with maximum peak deviation readout.
Selectable in 4 values of peak integration or instantaneous peak.
Keeps track of the number of over modulations per minute.
Optional internal crystal calibrator with Laboratory grade 0,1 % precision

For the first time a modulation monitor allows you to measure field strength and if the reception
is clean and quiet (Multi path distortion) because VA-16X includes a field calibrated 1/4 wave antenna
This way you know if your transmitter, cable and satellite are functioning properly.
Translating the VA16X to other cities, you will know exactly the quality of your signal.
It also tells any shift in the frequency of its carrier, as this causes problems.


Stereo Audio Vector is another notable contribution
of VA16X engineering that you do not find in other systems
Allows you to measure the degree of stereo sensation perceived by listeners. This indicates whether your audio and stereo encoder are operating correctly. Even antenna tuning problems can affect the stereo separation.
Finally, it detects an inverted phase error


All the information about your radio at your PC screen




Available VA 16X models





Model VA16X/RK

FM Stereo Digital Monitor & Audio Analyzer
Provides all the hardware and software needed to monitor 18 transmission parameters, at low cost.
Displays measurements on your computer
Easy to install, connected to PC using standard USB or RS232 serial port


Model VA16X/LCD

FM Stereo Digital Monitor.
Provides all the hardware and software needed to monitor 18 transmission parameters, at low cost.
Displays measurements on your computer and on its LCD illuminated large display
Easy to install, connected to PC using standard USB or RS232 serial port


Model VA16X/P/LCD
Portable with Ni-Cad battery

FM Stereo Digital Monitor.
Portable use, with NI-Cd batteries, to monitor 18 transmission parameters.
Take measurements stand alone from the large LCD display or from your laptop.
Table top or portable unit shielded with metallic cabinet.
Optional Laboratory grade Crystal Calibrator inside
( 0.1 % precision)
Carrying case included.


Detachable rack mount support

All VA16 models allows using on the table or rack mounted


VA 16X options

/CAL option: All models can incorporate the Crystal Calibrator option. This option allows to guarantee the 100% of modulation (75 kHz deviation) at 0.1% precision, transforming the VA16 into a Laboratory Standard. This Calibrator is full traceable with external standards.

/IP option: This option allows direct connection to Ethernet. This way VA16/IP can be remotely managed from Internet with no need to use a local PC. The connection of the Internet modem is directly made to VA16X/IP being able to be commanded from any place of the world.

Option /AR202: This software runs at the same PC that controls VA16. It allows to record the tuned radio station (mono or stereo) , creating MP3 files ( only 7.2 MB per hour of recording). 24 archives of one hour per day are generated. The files can be listened from any remote PC using Internet, allowing that the advertisers and Advertising Agencies listen to them freely.

Option /ADA102:  If you need a CD quality audio streaming of the tuned radio station, the output of VA16 con be connected to the ADA102 coder in order to send to Internet an excellent streaming. You do not need a PC, because it works stand alone.
A new world of broadcasting networks is open with the VA16 + ADA102 society !

/RDS  Additional internal RDS receiver and decoder for full RDS parameters analyzer. See screens below

Screens of /RDS analyzer option