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VA 16X Digital FM Monitor Analyzer
Audio and RF parameters

VA-16X provides all the hardware and software
needed to monitor 18 transmission parameters.
Just connect it to the serial port, install the software in
your computer, and you are ready to go! Control all the measurements
and transfer the information to your desktop for printing, storing and sharing.
Optional internal crystal calibrator for Laboratory grade 0,1 % precision.

Never before it was possible to have such complete information about the behavior of an FM radio station, without going off air
to perform the measurements.


VA16 screen - View from the PC



Modulation Meter in percentages, with maximum peak deviation readout.
Selectable 4 peak integration values or instantaneous peak. Keeps track of the number of over modulations per minute.
Optional internal crystal calibrator with
Laboratory grade 0,1 % precision


Multi path distortion indication
Field Intensity Meter (VA16X
is provided with calibrated antenna)
Carrier Deviation Frequency Meter.


Dual precision VU meters. Selectable Left and Right channel or L+R, L-R
Digital readout of exact level


Audio Phase Vector with the built-in Inverted Phase Alarm, detects connection errors at a glance.The Phase Vector gives an accurate measure of the quality of the stereo sensation perceived by audience


19Khz pilot tone frequency error in 0,5 hz steps, and pilot amplitude level. It measures too the 57 kHz RDS pilot amplitude and frequency error


Noise Level Meter, with the ability to measure during transmission without going off the air.
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to get more info.


Measures Harmonic Distortion during transmission without going off the air.
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Audio Processing Relative Radiated Power Meter. Measures in real time the energy of the audio signal. This way you can compare objectively different audio processors presets. 
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Measures Channel Separation (L to R and R to L) during transmission without
going off the air.
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Spectrum Analyzer mode.
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to get more info.


Band Scanner shows all the FM stations
with their respective field intensities.


Frequency Response analysis without going off the air, using short spots (included in the CD-ROM as WAV & CD format audio). Carry out daily measurements in such a way that listeners will not even notice it.
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On-Air Performance Log. Keeps track of Modulation Level, Audio Processing Relative Radiated Power, Audio Phase Vector, over modulation peaks per minute, transmission gaps, etc. Displayed in text and charts form. Click here to get more info.


16 preset Stations, including 9 digit identification.
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Advanced Spectrum measurements

Only VA16 allows you to have this powerful tool


Band Scanner: this diagram allows you to get quickly all the radio stations at the dial and the field intensities in dB/uV  You will know immediately when a radio changes its transmitter power or antenna gain. Of course, if a new radio appears at the dial, you will know it immediately. Using VA16 remote with IP option connected to Internet, you will have full information of the FM spectrum of each City, no matter how far it is.

Spectral Zoom Analyzer: You define the start and end frequencies and the VA16 makes a detailed analysis with 10 KHz wide band. Central frequencies and FM lateral bands appears showing antenna or transmitter problems

3D Spectrum Analyzer: This new diagram that only VA16 offers you, has "magic" properties... It uses advanced mathematical algorithms to show, in several colors, the "average occurrence" of each spectral frequency.
By example red indicates a high occurrence probability, yellow a very low, green is a medium occurrence.  The VA16 performs the spectrum analysis hundred of times in order to calculate this statistical values.
What is the utility of 3D spectrum ?
Incredible; the spectrum shows (see above) all the field levels in dB/uV below the RF level of carrier and lateral bands of the near radio stations !
Then you can evaluate the residual band noise under the RF carrier of high power FM stations without go out of air. If you are designing a new radio station at the outskirts of the city, the noise floor is very important to evaluate the power you need to have good reception at downtown.
You can evaluate too the presence and carrier level of remote stations very far from the city; it allows you to calculate at which distance this weak level will be strong enough to interfere the station


VA16X models with LCD display

The VA16/LCD models has a large 40 x 2 LCD display back lighted. They can work at the same time with a PC connected or as a stand alone unit, without PC. The LCD display can perform 12 measurements of RF and audio. The PC is only necessary for measures that involves graphics (Freq Response, Spectrum Analyzer, etc)
Tuning, Antenna Calibration, etc, are done by the use of a Jog Wheel
Portable model has a battery charge indicator and and adjustable timer to turn off the display back light in order to save battery

The portable VA16/P/LCD is the only measurement set in the world that gives you full audio and
RF measures in a small system that you can transport while walking !

Install the Demo software, and take a look at this new universe of possibilities.