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Technical Specs VA-16X


      RF input:   BNC connector
      Audio output : L&R  two  XLR balanced +4 dBu
      MPX input:  1Vrms for 100% mod. 
      MPX output: 1Vrms for 100% mod. Z out = 220 ohm
      Headphone: (front panel) 1/8”  Stereo  , volume control . (32 – 600 ohm)
      Peak weighting selector: DIP switch   5 – 2 – 1 – 0,5  msec
      RS232 Control : 9 pin D Female Connector
      Optional:   -Ethernet TCP/IP Control Module , RJ45
                          -RDS Analyzer: USB connector type B, status led's, aux. Headphone output
                          -Modulation Calibrator : Test button – preset adjust


      FREQUENCY RANGE: 87.5 - 108 MHz
      FM CHANNELS: 50 KHz steps
      PRESET FM STATIONS: 16 Preset Memories, including Name
      FRONT END: Dual Gate Mosfet
      IF REJECTION: 80 dB
      SENSIBILITY: 40 dB/uV  for 12 dB SINAD
      NOISE: S/N ratio > 60 dBA
      THD Distortion: 0,5 %  at 1 kHz 100% MOD
      IF BANDWIDTH: 270 Khz for audio / 10 KHz Bandwidth and Spectrum modes
      FREQ RESPONSE: 20-60 KHz, +/- 0,2 dB


            - Output Level : +4 dBu Balanced
            - SNR : > 85 dBA
            - THD : < 0,02% Mono & Stereo
            - Stereo Separation: 50 dB @1Khz 
            - Pilot Tone attenuation: 50 dB
            - De-emphasis: 75 usec (50 uS on demand)


FM Modulation from 10 % to 160 %;
: less than 2 % at 100% modulation
          Optional: 0,1 % precision internal crystal calibrator for 100% modulation
      -Fast Peak: measure  less than 200 uS or Peak Weighting 5, 2, 1, 0.5 msec
      -FM deviation peak from 0 to 120 KHz
      -OVERMODULATION: peaks/minute counter of peaks over 105 % modulation
      -FIELD INTENSITY: 40 to 99 dB uV with user defined correction
          factor for antenna gain. Error less than 2 dB at 100 MHz
      -PILOT TONE LEVEL: 19 KHz pilot level, from 0 to 20 % in 0.1 % steps. Error < 0.5 %
      -PILOT TONE FREQUENCY: Frequency error from -99 to + 99 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz
      -RDS SUBCARRIER LEVEL: 57 KHz pilot level, from 0 to 10 % in 0.1 % steps +/- 0.5 %
      -PILOT FREQUENCY: Frequency error from -99 to + 99 Hz +/- 0.5 Hz

      -CARRIER DEVIATION: Digital display, + / - 9,9 KHz in 0,1 KHz steps / Error < 0,2 KHz
      -STEREO LEVEL: -20 to + 5 dB L/R & L-R Mode,
         user selected 2 state VU: Ballistic & Peak
      -STEREO PHASE: Phase Correlation from 0 to 180 degrees. It indicates the true
          stereo sensation the audience is hearing. Analog Vectorscope and Digital mode.
          MONO & INVERSE phase
      -RADIATED POWER: Relative radiated power, measured from 0 to 5;
         It indicates the increase at the RF power due to the audio processing chain.
         A unity value means a standard audio compressor (12 dB peak/average ratio).
         A value of "4" indicates a 100 % modulation with continuous sine wave
      -MULTIPATH DISTORTION: Relative indication from BAD to 5 levels of GOOD

      -NOISE: L & R noise level; -40 to -90 dBA, +/- 3 dB; 20-10 KHz, «A» weighted. 
          Automatic measure using brief samples of the silences associated with the
          normal FM program
      -STEREO CROSSTALK: L-R and R-L separation, from 0 to 50 dBa, +/- 2 dB.
           Automatic measurement during brief samples of music with Pot-Pan effects
          or using on-air a short arpeggio with pan-pot
      -HARMONIC DISTORTION: 0.02 % to 5 %. It measures 2nd and even harmonic
          distortion due to the FM modulation process. Automatic measurement is
          performed using the speaker voice and measuring the Modulation Transfer
          Function of the voice. Then, is processed (DSP), using the Bonello algorithms.
      -FREQ RESPONSE: 30 Hz to 15 KHz; +/- 1 dB Automatic measurement using
          8 spots of 5 sec each, to be aired during night (only one spot each hour is
          enough).The spots are provided with the VA-16 (WAV files).

       -SPECTRUM ANALYZER: Selectable frequency span, from +/- 250 KHz
            to +/- 1 mHz in 25, 50 and 100KHz steps.
            Bandwidth is 10 KHz. Measure range = 50 dB, +/- 3 dB.
       -MODULATION BANDWIDTH: Graph of % MOD from zero to +/- 150 KHz,
            BW of measure = 10 KHz
       -SCANNER: Frequency scan of all the odd and even FM band channels,
                           from 87.5 to 108 MHz in 100 kHz or 50 kHz steps


DIMENSIONS:  19" rack mount. Module one (44,4 mm) Weight:  6 Kg

            100 V  -  240V  ( user selectable) 50/60 Hz, Or Ni-Cad battery in models /P


The VA-16X can store, at the PC computer, record files of the total performance of the FM Radio, 24 hrs a day, one file each day. Several months can be stored and sent by E-mail to the main Engineering Office to be audited. The On-Air performance can be seen from the PC screen or can be printed in color. It is updated every hour and has the following items:

A) RADIATED POWER: Average of radiated power during each hour. Last hour is shown on screen. It gives information about the quality of the audio processing chain and the average coverage area of the Radio.

B) MAX MODULATION: The peak value of modulation is stored each hour. Last hour is shown on screen. It gives valuable information about the quality of the audio processors and the efforts of your Chief Engineer to avoid over modulation.

C) 3 SEC SILENCE: If a silence of 3 sec or more is produced (program gap), this event is stored. You can control the number of gaps/hour. Last hour shown on screen. It allows the manager to know the commitment level of the DJs and audio operators.

D) REVERSE PHASE: Each time a spot, commercial, musical tune, etc, is aired with its stereo phase reversed, the event is stored. Last hour is shown on screen. It gives information about the care your Engineers take to avoid bad audio connections.

E) L & R LEVEL: Left & Right average audio level is recorded each hour.

F) STEREO PHASE: The stereo correlation phase is averaged and recorded each hour. It gives information about the average stereo quality sensation of the CDs and music sound sources the Radio is using.

G) 24 Hrs printed log includes all the above and: Field Intensity, Channel Separation, L-Noise, R-Noise, Pilot Error, Pilot Level, Carrier Deviation and THD Distortion. 


VA-16X/RK Model for use in rack or table top, with steel case and vertical whip antenna with magnetic base.

VA16X/LCD Idem model RK, PC operated or stand-alone unit. With 2 x 40 back lighted LCD display

VA-16X/P/LCD Portable model, with carrying bag and whip antenna.. Internal Battery; 4 hours continuous operation for stand-alone or Laptop use. Internal battery charger, 220 / 117 V 50/60 hz operation.

/CAL   Crystal calibrator for 0,1 % modulation precision

/IP  Ethernet connection for working with remote control without PC

/AR202 Software for 2 channels recording at the PC Then the sound of the radio station is available from any place using Internet

/ADA102  This encoder allows for real time MP3 streaming transmission of the tuned radio station

/RDS  Additional internal RDS receiver and decoder for RDS parameters analyzer