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Remote control of sound quality
and RF/Stereo measurement of
Radio Stations using VA16X units



VA16 introduced 15 years ago a world class advanced technology:
Remote measurement of FM Radio Stations and Audio Quality Control

Now Solidyne is still the only world company that measures
the Audio Quality of a FM station
(not only RF parameters...)

Now your Broadcasting radio network is able to have one VA16X/IP unit in each city, connected to Internet. You do not need a PC because it works stand alone.
From a master PC located at the Radio headquarters, it is possible to have all the information about the audio quality & RF parameters of your remote radio. You can even control the VA16X in order to change the tuning to analyze all the radio stations at the city. Using the FM Band Scanner you will have in seconds the field strength of your radio and all other radios in that area.
You can even control human errors during operation
(silence gaps, out of phase stereo cuts, etc)
Using the ADA102 option you can get a CD quality digital audio streaming

All the control, all the time, from everywhere!

Sound Quality and audio program

Using Solidyne AR-202 MP3 recorder, you will be able to record during 24 hours the tuned radio station Then, from a remote locations, using Internet connection, you can hear the program. This allows you (or your clients and advertising agency) to control the aired Ads or the local talents from every place in the world

VA16 opens new windows to your creativity !

If you need detailed information about how to connect VA16X units for remote
measurements, please click here (English & Spanish)


VA16 Alarms Panel
For remote detection of problems

From the VA16 software version 4.0 it is possible to have alarms for:
a) Over modulation
b) Reduction of field intensity
c) Long silence during transmission

This Alarm Panel is programmed by the user for sending a message to the PC of the Engineer on duty. At the same time it can send one e-mail outside the Radio and a message to the cellular phone of the Chief Engineer



The Alarm is located at the Task Bar of
the Engineer




One e-mail is sent as an option

A message at the cellular
phone gives full warning

Rear panel VA-16X

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